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Yuvraj Singh to narrate stories of courage on ‘The Unbreakables’

New Delhi, November 27 : Star cricketer Yuvraj Singh continues to be roped directly into host a brand new Tv show, “The Unbreakables”, that will unfold tales if courage when confronted with adversities.
The show goes on air on Nat Geo beginning 12 , 24.
The cricketer, that has fought cancer, is definitely an inspiration to fans worldwide. He’ll narrate tales of others’ valour – of people that were taken and held hostage by guerrilla groups upon an adventure tour, as well as someone else who had been instructed to smuggle cocaine at gun-point.
Yuvraj is satisfied about his connection to this type of show.
“I’ve tremendous respect for those who have a serious positive attitude who face dire situations mind-on and emerge more powerful from their store. ‘The Unbreakables’ is really a series that recounts formidable occurrences, while setting out sheer strength that individuals exude once the going will get tough, Yuvraj stated inside a statement.
“It’s truly an honor to celebrate great spirit,” added the cricketer, whose own get a hearty his fight against cancer was taken inside a three-part series “Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai” for any popular general entertainment funnel.
Meanwhile, with “The Unbreakables” audiences can get to obtain firsthand accounts of unpredicted captivity, jail time and pure terror, states Debarpita Banerjee, v . p ., marketing, National Geographic Network and Fox Worldwide Channels India.

“We’re very excited to possess Yuvraj Singh present this series for our country he’s the epitome of existence back in line,Inch stated Banerjee.

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