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WWE Raw Results Winners Update

Severe Rules, commonly understood just as the pay-per-view after WrestleMania, showcased some scintillating activity on Sunday evening, and as a result, the assumptions for the following day’s Raw were practically unreasonably higher.

Features consisted of Ryback rapidly establishing a compelling provision for his rematch with John Cena, Paul Heyman exposing a shocking selection as his new customer, Triple H wrestling on Raw for the first time in years and The Guard, Group Hell No and Kofi Kingston contending in a tactically elite match.

Mr. Feed Me Much more wound up difficult Cena to an Ambulance Match.

That’s not specifically surprising considering his suit with Cena– which snaked via the sphere on Sunday evening and featured numerous outstanding, highly effective spots– was an absolutely memorable one. Not only does this terms let them leave the ring in comparable fashion trend, however neither wrestler will have to be pinned.

For the WWE, which is trying to keep up each star’s momentum, that’s a perfect scenario.

To additionally bind his point, Ryback attacked Zack Ryder later on in the show and after a power bomb and Layer Surpriseded, tossed your man in the rescue. There was limitless supposition regarding that Paul Heyman’s latest customer would certainly be. Wade Barrett, Antonio Cesaro, Ryback, Christian, Rob Van Dam and several various other labels were tossed around as possibilities.

Wwe raw results winners update1 WWE Raw Results Winners Update

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