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WWE Johnny Curtis Sports Update


In a current meeting, Johnny Curtis– the man behind the Fandango character– attempted to use the “S” word when talking about character advancement.

No, it’s not the word you are considering. Yet it is a word that WWE management probably dislikes to listen to almost as much when explaining personalities.


It’s the word that several within the WWE World and some industry viewers have actually made use of to explain the advancement of the company’s greatest Super star, John Cena. He has actually been the same WWE A super hero for long times now, and he complies with the same regular again and: beat down throughout most of the suit only to increase from the ashes and triumph over evil.

Cena is a respectable man, but some feel his character has actually obtained as stale as 10-day-old bread or a bag of potato chips left open on the counter.

Call Curtis “Captain Obvious” with that said statement, yet additionally provide your man props for having the nerve to in fact use the word “stale” in a meeting not managed by WWE. Would the company’s leading guy, Cena, come out in a meeting in a comparable circumstance and claim that he worried about his personality withering?

He could not, yet CM Punk surely opened the door for it with his now-famous worked shoot when he really sat down at the end of a Raw show and started spewing negative thoughts concerning how WWE is operated. That took your man from so-so heel to beast face and eventually back once more to beast heel. But it opened the doorway for probably the best run of Punk’s career.

Curtis might have made his statement on a regional site rather than international TELEVISION, however the fact continues to be that he stated it, which alarm could not be unrung.

Perhaps he is worried that he will certainly become the next John Cena– not the 11-time WWE champion, however the usual, usual character for years and years. Or possibly (gulp!) like The Great Khali, a huge man and a large joke in WWE, specifically when it pertains to– you guessed it– dancing.

Boo the personality of Fandango if you intend to. However cheer the guy, Johnny Curtis, for being actual in a market foundeded on the unbelievable.

Wwe johnny curtis sports update1 WWE Johnny Curtis Sports Update

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