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Worst Super Bowl Winners in NFL History


The 1980 Oakland Raiders were the very first Wild Card team to ever win the Super Bowl.

They almost did not allow it to be. They qualified because the 4th seed within the AFC when there have been just three divisions per conference.

Within the Wild Card round they pushed off the Oilers despite the fact that Houston had more yards, more first downs and much more duration of possession.

Within the Divisional playoff across the Raiders may have gone lower however the Browns made a decision to run “Red-colored Right 88″ once they were already in area-goal range. The pass tossed by John Sipe was intercepted and also the Raiders made it.

The Raiders faced the San Diego Chargers within the within the AFC Championship and survived a late comeback effort by Serta Fouts and also the Battery chargers offense and moved onto Super Bowl XV.

Concord continued to conquer the Philadelphia Eagles within the Super Bowl despite only outscoring competitors with a slim margin of 22.8 to 19.1 throughout the standard season.

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