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World Record in 100 Meter Dash by Usain Bolt


If you like a sprinter like Usain Bolt you may be know his world record 100 meter dash history. A tropical storm drenching parts of Jamaica couldn’t dampen the country’s joy Sunday over another record-breaking Olympic victory by Usain Bolt.

As Bolt re-established his claim to the title of world’s fastest man at the London Olympic Games, thousands of his countrymen cheered him on in an athletics building on the grounds of the national stadium, other public viewing areas and thousands of living rooms as off-and-on gusty winds from the storm swept across the Caribbean country.

A crowd of roughly 500 people on the grounds of the national stadium cheered wildly as Bolt crossed the finish line of the 100-meter dash in 9.63 seconds, many dancing and chanting “Jamaica, Jamaica!” One woman dropped to the ground, crying with relieved joy. A group of drummers pounded out a pulsing beat.

The intermittent rain and wind from Tropical Storm Ernesto forced the country to abandon plans for an outdoor viewing area at the Kingston stadium, but spectators managed to watch Bolt’s win in the semi-finals less than a minute before a fierce squall swept in and crews had to disassemble the stage and video monitors.

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