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Washington Wizards Top Rookie of All Time Wes Unseld


The Washington Wizards happen to be via a couple of franchise-shifting changes through the years. Because the original National basketball association expansion team, the squad known then because the Chicago Packers drafted Wally Bellamy, who were built with a amazing rookie campaign within the 1961-62 season.

That being stated, once they were the Baltimore Bullets, they could not make much better decision rather than draft Wes Unseld using the second overall pick in 1968.

The large guy averaged 13.8 points in the rookie season, but just 6″7″, it had been his 18.2 rebounds that actually separated him in the relaxation from the league’s males in the centre

Unseld&mdashas along with lately drafted Earl Monroe&mdashhelped they transition right into a winning franchise that year, because they continued to become the proud proprietors of the 57-win season.

The middle won Rookie of the Year and MVP honors that year, and that he is simply the second player to ever achieve this after Wilt Chamberlain made it happen in 1960.

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