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U.S. Women Soccer Team Still No. 1.


The American women are thought a good favorite in soccer minds round the world. Last summer time, before a lot more than 80,000 visitors at Wembley and millions more watching on tv, they demonstrated that regardless of the Japanese being crowned World Cup champions last summer time, the Americans aren’t any. 1. But will it last?

Individuals who viewed the tournament saw a difficult, relentless American team &mdash a team that’s deadly within the final third and arranged within the back. They saw a team that’s going to win no matter what. They also saw this team lower two goals to some dynamic French attack. They saw a team unable to set aside North Korea, and struggle for moments from the other half to keep single- lead. They saw a greatly enhanced Canadian team proceed from the U.S. not once, but three occasions. And anybody who viewed the ultimate saw a Japanese team that plays unlike any other women’s team within the world, working the ball from tailgate to cab and creating numerous quality chances.

The United States team returns home having a third consecutive gold medal &mdash a remarkable task. There’s, however, always more that to strive. And you will find 3 years before the next major tournament &mdash the elusive World Cup in 2015 in Canada.

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