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Top Ultimate Fighter Coach Shane Carwin


As stated, TUF 16 was designed to pander to the lowest common denominator among MMA fans. The word “bro” was thrown around everywhere, and much like The Walking Dead, the “good” guy and “bad” guy were made as plain as possible.

Roy Nelson, as stated, was the slovenly, boorish foil to the calculating yet cordial Shane Carwin. Because of that, despite being matched win for win by Nelson, Carwin at least seemed to be a radically better coach.

At the very least, he did right by his fighters and displayed a good combination of savvy and personality. He absolutely deserves credit for that.

His fighters, though? They were not so great.

Still, Carwin gets an A for effort and deserves praise for what wound up being his final contribution to the UFC. He withdrew from his bout with Nelson after the season finished taping and retired shortly thereafter.

Top ultimate fighter coach shane carwin1 Top Ultimate Fighter Coach Shane Carwin

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