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Top LA Franchises: Sports Teams of Los Angeles


La is the owner of plenty of professional sports teams today. City’s professional teams won 21 championships in United States till today. You will find today professional teams of Los Angeles in Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Rugby League, Rugby Union and Soccer. The number of sports teams of Los Angeles exist?

Today you will find 9 professional teams of Los Angeles that are playing in professional leagues. Among the most famous teams of Los Angeles is Los Angeles Lakers. Team goes to NBA Off-shore Division from the Western Conference. They play their games on Staples Center similar to their local rival Los Angeles Clippers. Lakers have 16 championships in NBA history.

La Kings is just one of two NHL hockey teams of Los Angeles. Los Angeles has two teams in Major League Baseball MLB. Los Angeles Dodgers or &ldquoDodgers&rdquo using their most known title is among the most effective teams in MLB.

La has two teams in MLS Soccer league. One of these is Chivas USA along with other is Los Angeles Galaxy.

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