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Top 5 College Football Teams Ranking 2012


Ranking the top five college football teams this year. Upsets continue to be a theme through the first four weeks of the college football season.

This past weekend, Oklahoma dropped a big game at home against Kansas State, and Rutgers took down Arkansas in Fayetteville. We also got to see a huge game between Florida State and Clemson that went back and forth until the Seminoles grabbed control late.

With another exciting week of college football in front of us in which more teams are kicking off conference play, here is a look at the power rankings for top 5 college football teams.

1. Alabama

With Florida Atlantic out of the way, Alabama gets back to playing SEC football as it takes on Ole Miss.

Early on this year, the Tide have looked strong on both offense and defense and have earned wins over Michigan and Arkansas.

With how strong the Crimson Tide have looked, all signs point to being undefeated when they take on LSU in November, which would be a real treat for all college football fans.

2. Oregon

Finally tested, the Ducks passed and move to 4-0. Coming up this week, the Ducks head on the road for the first time and take on the new-look Washington State Cougars. It will be interesting to see how Marcus Mariota plays in his first road game.

What the Arizona game showed the nation is that while the Ducks are known for their offensive abilities, the defense is as good as it has ever been.

If the defense continues to play this well, Oregon could be headed for big things.

3. Florida State

When the Seminoles were going at it against the Clemson Tigers, it looked like they were going to fold and fail to deliver on high expectations once again.

Luckily for the Seminoles and their fans, the offense woke up, punched the gas and took over the game.

With a win over Clemson, the Seminoles look like a team that could very well live up to the hype, but they must make sure that they do not have a letdown this coming week against South Florida.

4. LSU

A win over Auburn is nice, as LSU remains undefeated and heads home for another out-of-conference game, but the way that the Tigers won will raise some concerns.

Not surprisingly, the Tigers defense has carried the load this year and is as good as the squad that won the SEC last year.

5. South Carolina

The Gamecocks earned a big conference win this week by taking out Missouri and moving to 4-0. One of the most impressive parts about the win was that Connor Shaw missed his first pass of the game and then didn’t throw another incompletion the entire game.

With Kentucky up next, South Carolina only has a little bit of time before the meat of its schedule begins.

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