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Top 10 vertical leaps nba history


1. Vince Carter

There has never been a more creative and better dunker in the history of the NBA than VC. Carter is the closest that humans have come to flying and his skills near the rim are without peer.

Perhaps the picture accompanying this entry will illustrate the point of how crazy Vinsanity is at his best. Just observe the picture in awe.

Right up there with MJ as most creative dunker ever in the NBA, but what seperates him is he is an explosive 2 footed jumper to where MJ is more of a glider. I generally prefer that style, as it allows for better in game stuff that you appreciate only in slow motion replay (which many of MJ’s dunks take to find the beauty in them). And from ’99-’01 VC was the best in game dunker ever seen. Just half man, half amazing.

2. Dr. J- Julius Erving

A discussion on great dunkers always begins with Dr. J and his aerial
Dr. J shaking the rim in the 70′s. acrobatics. The man walked on air and was the first player to really be associated with the dunk. Yes, there were many great aerial athletes before the Doc but he was the one that bought the art into wider consciousness. He was also the first NBA player to jump from the free throw line that Jordan and other flyers tend to imitate.

3. Michael Jordan

If the Doc was the first great dunk artist, MJ was the man who took the play through the stratosphere. When His Airness burst onto the scene as a rookie in the mid-80′s he bought a new type of funk into the NBA that was sorely missing. Sporting the bling and the kicks MJ was the epitome of basketball
MJ getting dunkalicious. (Image from cool, whilst dunking on opponents with aplomb.

Jordan owned the slam dunk competitions when he entered them, while players would cower in fear at the potential that they would be victimised by MJ via a vicious dunk.

Perhaps the best Jordan dunk related story is from the 80′s while playing the Utah Jazz in a particular game. During this contest Jordan dunked on a much shorter opponent with style. After this play he began to be heckled by the General Manager of the Jazz from the sidelines who stated that Jordan should pick on someone his own size. So what does His Airness do? On the very next play he dunked the ball straight over the Jazz’s 7-foot centre and shot back to the Jazz GM with words to this effect: Was be big enough?

Jordan was and still is the greatest.

4. Dominique Wilkins

Another amazing dunker, very creative and POWERFUL finisher. His only drawback was that he didn’t have that much variety. He was like VC in the sense that he was an explosive 2ft jumper, but outside of windmills he didn’t do anything as jaw dropping as MJ or VC did. But in game he was a genious, and brought some showtime dunks into NBA games in the ’80′s.

Nique was called the human highlight reel for a reason. His in game dunks are better than some people’s dunks in the Slam Dunk contest. arguably the best player to never win a title.

5. Spud Webb

The best short dunker of all time. his apperance in the Slam dunk contest puts him in the top ten. At 5’7 he prove that whole word that he can win an NBA Slamdunk Championship in 1986. Webb during his prime have almost a 43″ vertical leap no other littleman beside Nate Robinson can out done what the Spidey man perform in an NBA Dunk Contests.

6. David Thompson

the original Skywalker one of the best dunker in the 1970′s and revolutionize the way an NBA Player fly in the sky. huge leaper, electrified crowds with his massive two handed dunks. His best dunk would probably have been his 2 handed putback dunk where he caught it from way down low. He is also attributed by some as being the first player to do a 360 dunk!

7. Shawn Kemp

One of the most explosive dunker in the 1990′s the 6’10 Shawn Kemp is probably one of the most creative big men dunker of all time.

Young Shawn Kemp was a destructive force of nature, and at this point in his career had already established himself as a fearsome dunker

Alton Lister had a very solid 16-year career in which he averaged 6.6 points and 6.3 boards per game, and blocked 1,473 shots. It’s unfortunate then, that he will forever be associated with this particularly nasty play that came during the ’93 playoffs, Golden State versus Seattle. Romping through the lane, cuffing the ball, the windmill and the taunt, this dunk has it all: power, athleticism, attitude. Young Shawn Kemp was a destructive force of nature, and at this point in his career had already established himself as a fearsome dunker. Which makes us wonder: Alton, why didn’t you take a cue from your Hall of Fame teammate Chris Mullin, and just get out of the facking way.

Kempis without a doubt the best power dunker in the game. It’s a damn shame his career ended in a bad way because it really does seem that so many have forgotten what we saw from him in his NBA Career.

8. Jason Richardson

The game’s best dunker quietly has become an upper-level, all-around player. He is the only player beside his Airness Michael Jordan to win back to back Slamdunk Championship his best dunk so far is in the 2003 NBA Slamdunk Contest when he throw the ball in the backboard and dunk it between the legs.

9. Kobe Bryant

Speak of the devil. Bryant is arguably the most athletic player in the NBA right now and perhaps in the history of the game, thus far. Kobe is both hated and admired in equal measure, but there is no denying the man has skills.

You may hate Bryant, but as a dunker he is an artist par excellence.
Vince dunks over a cheese eating surrender monkey. (Image from usabasketball) Numerous foes have been dunked on by the Laker with the name of a Japanese anime character. Lebron23 has witnessed Bryant dunk on guys doing 180 and 360 spins. Can you say phenomenon?

10. Josh Smith

The youngest player in the list of all time greatest dunker but young Josh Smith, already prove that he belongs on the lists of the all time greats. Josh Smith makes a history when he won the 2005 NBA Sprite Dunk competition as he paid tribute to Dominique Wilkins by mimicking most of his dunks in the 1980′s and spinning around the basket for a perfect jam.

Top vertical leaps nba history1 Top 10 vertical leaps nba history

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