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Top 10 Surprises at the NFL Draft


For just about any college football fan, the NFL draft is definitely entertaining. Listed here are 10 stuff that most surprised me in the draft weekend:

1. Rey Maualuga like a second-round pick: I do not think there’s an individual on the planet, not really in Clay Matthews’ family, who’d have thought you should you said excitedly last year that former walk-on Matthews will be a first-rounder and Maualuga another-rounder.

2. New Jersey, first-round hotbed: I have hit about this a couple of occasions within the blog previously couple of several weeks, however it still was pretty stunning to determine that five from the top 15 draft picks (Eugene Monroe, B.J. Raji, Knowshon Moreno, Malcolm Jenkins and John Cushing) counseled me Jersey natives. Should you added Jesse Brown (27th) and Kenny Britt (30th), you’d seven within the first 30 picks. That’s amazing. Rutgers also created much not only Britt by creating a college-record five draft picks. The condition also created the very first pick of Day 2, running back Shonn Greene. When schools do their prospecting side projects to evaluate where they should send more coaches, employees will dsicover our prime quantity of drafted players who’re New Jersey natives as reason to canvass your garden Condition early in the year evaluation period.

3. South Carolina had more players drafted than every other team within the SEC: Seven Gamecocks were drafted earlier this weekend, a lot more than two times the entire from the College of Florida, that has won two national game titles previously three seasons. But Steve Spurrier’s team rarely would be a Top 25 team. That proves how important it’s to possess a capable quarterback.

4. Darrius Heyward-Bey is preferable to Michael Crabtree? Apparently everybody else has stacked on, ripping the Raiders’ choice of the fast former Maryland wideout over Crabtree. I am shocked, too. Yes, the ex-Terp is quicker than Crabtree, but he simply disappeared in a lot of games at Maryland.

5. The onetime 95th-ranked prospecting class created some large-time talent. Props to Wake Forest’s staff, which will be an lot better at evaluating talent or developing it (or both) of computer appears. It required what Rivals rated because the 95th-best class in 2004 and set out four players within the top 118 from the draft, Serta Collins creates.

6. A bad weekend for that Florida schools: Seven Sunshine Condition teams play supposed large-time football, yet only seven players were drafted from Florida schools including only one first-rounder, UF’s Percy Harvin. On the other hand, because UF, Miami and FSU will return almost all of their two-deeps this year, the reduced quantity of draft picks most likely is really a positive thing for individuals schools. Just in case you had been wondering, Ohio FBS schools created 16 draft picks.

7. Individuals USC-OSU games must’ve been something: I question whether anybody would have imagined last season that the overall game that will feature probably the most 2009 draft picks could be Ohio Condition-USC. Really, the actual stunner was it tied using the USC-Or Condition game, as both had 18 drafted players.

8. May be the Pac-10 more powerful than we thought? I have received a couple of e-mails from folks mentioning the Pac-10 created 32 choices within the draft, or 3.2 players per team, that is a greater average compared to the 12-team SEC, which in fact had 37 choices but typically just 3.1 players per team. However this may also fuel the concept the Pac-10 sways on its top team a lot more than every other, as evidenced by not just USC’s incredible run of league game titles but additionally by using 11 picks, the Trojan viruses were responsible in excess of 33 percent from the league’s draft options. That percentage ranks greater than TCU’s five picks from the MWC’s 16 or Ohio State’s seven from the Large Ten’s 28.

9. Parity? Yes, everyone knows how good the non-BCS schools have completed in BCS bowls, however it sure seems this wasn’t a great argument for that parity debate about BCS versus non-BCS as only one “mid-major” player, Northern Illinois’ Ray British, was selected within the first round. What’s really surprising is this fact may be the third amount of time in 4 years when just one mid-major continues to be selected within the first round. The switch side: A lot of schools that no comes up as powerhouses chock-full the very first round, as players from Baylor, Wake Forest, Ole Miss (two), UConn, Louisville and Rutgers were selected. Meanwhile, no first-rounders praised from Florida Condition, Miami, Oklahoma or Michigan.

10. Hunter Cantwell signs like a free agent. OK, which means this most likely is not a surprise but more a cautionary tale. Draft experts praised the Louisville quarterback at some point because the forecasted top quarterback in the class, but rather he was side stepped in most seven models and signed by Carolina.

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