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Top 10 Olympians on USA Men’s Basketball Team


In this Olympic 2012, the United States Men’s Basketball team captured its 14th gold medal in 17 Olympic appearances.

In 1992, professional players were allowed to compete. From that years’ “Dream Team” to 2012′s squad, the USA has won five of a possible six golds, excluding a bronze medal in 2004.

Over those 20 years, there have been some outstanding players that have taken center stage at the Olympic Games.

In 1992, legends such as Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley and Magic Johnson were the team’s leaders. In 2012, new blood like Kevin Durant and LeBron James paved the way to glory.

This list dissects the top 10 greatest U.S. Olympians since professionals were allowed to compete in Barcelona ’92.

10: Dwyane Wade

9: Magic Johnson

8: Karl Malone

7: Carmelo Anthony

6: Scottie Pippen

5: David Robinson

4. Michael Jordan

3. Charles Barkley

2. Kobe Bryant

1. LeBron James

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