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The Greatest Player of NBA Team Cleveland Cavaliers – LeBron James


LeBron James is arguably the most hated man in the city of Cleveland, but that certainly doesn’t mean he isn’t the best player to ever play for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Despite spurning the Cavs for the Miami Heat in 2010, James began his illustrious career as a member of a rebuilding Cleveland team in 2003. Having been drafted straight out of high school, the hype was there, but the kid certainly lived up to the lofty expectations.

The dynamic point-forward became the youngest player to win the Rookie of the Year award, and he became just the third player ever to average at least 20 points, five assists and five rebounds in his rookie season—Michael Jordan and Oscar Robertson were the only others that had done so at the time.

As good as James is, no player in NBA history has truly been able to win on his own, which is why he fled the city of Cleveland for warmer weather and a chance to win big in South Beach.

Following his departure from the team, Cleveland became one of the worst teams in the league, showing just how valuable he was to their franchise throughout the years.

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