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The Changes in Formula One 2013 Rule


Rule changes really are a tradition now in Formula 1. Each year some rules from former season are altering. There have been plenty of gossips in regards to a motor change and new eco-friendly motors. Several new circuits will be included to race calendar. After changes for enhancing decreased viewer amounts and rating rates this year and 2012, 2013′s changes is going to be mostly about race rules and calendar. The number of changes come in Formula 1 new season?

Among the most important changes of Formula 1 2013 season is Lewis Hamilton. He left McLaren and signed to Mercedes AMG. Sergio P&eacuterez of Sauber proceed to McLaren. He was a classic person in Ferrari Driver Academy.

New race &ldquoGrand Prix of America&rdquo will race in 2013. It will likely be runned on 2013 June. European Grand Prix won’t run again. The The spanish language Grand Prix’s running place continues to be unknown. It might be Circuit p Catalunya or Valencia Street Circuit.

You will find also plenty of changes in rules. Most important change is within vehicle design category. New design rules forced vehicle companies to produce height across the nose set up.

An expense restricting agreement also faced deep discussions between Formula One Teams Association and World Motor Sport Council. Finally teams designed a voluntary agreement. Most important consequence of agreement is the fact that &ldquopractice of mid-season testing&rdquo is banned again. Even the &ldquodouble-DRS&rdquo system of Mercedes is banned.

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