Soccer Wives and Girlfriends: Kaka’s wife Caroline Celico | Celeb Sports

Soccer Wives and Girlfriends: Kaka’s wife Caroline Celico


Kaka and the wife Caroline Celico met in 2002 within their native country of Brazil. Despite their six year age difference, belief introduced them together. They married three years later in 2005. To date, very normal. However, unlike essentially every athlete we’ve covered up to now&hellip these were both still virgins on their own big day. Seriously.

Both Kaka and Caroline are extremely religious and freely celebrate their Christian belief. In 2007, Kaka happily introduced the couple had continued to be celibate until tying the note. Kaka told an italian man , Vanity Fair “The Bible shows that real love waits until marriage. If our existence today is really beautiful, It happens because we anxiously waited.” The pair presently has two children, age range one and three.

Following her husband’s signing with Real Madrid, Caroline founded a chapel in Madrid and she or he may from time to time sing within the choir there. She’s also launched a Christian music album, which Kaka seems on for just one song he authored on her. Although she’s referred to to be shy, she was cited as saying this following Kaka’s proceed to Madrid

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