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RvP the Most Deserving Best Footballer of the Year


Winner of Player of the year two times in League 1 RvP is one of the most deserving players to be the best football player this season. That’s not just because of his goals, although 38 in 50 games this season is a remarkable and prolific tally which includes spectacular and crucial goals.

But the Footballer of the Year, in my view, should go to the individual who has had most influence on the season, irrespective of his team’s success.

I voted for Scott Parker last year and stand by that decision even though West Ham went down. Parker was the outstanding individual.

By comparison, I think he’s had an average season. Clint Dempsey would have been a better choice – and I was glad to see he made the top four in the FWA voting. And yet Fulham are below Spurs. But it’s about the individual.

There’s been times when Robin van Persie has carried Arsenal with his goals and his captaincy. His performances, leadership and goals have been remarkable.

His volley against Everton in December – the ball dipping over his right shoulder – was sensational and yet he nearly matched it with the winner at Liverpool.

When Arsenal have struggled with form and injuries, van Persie has stepped up. He’s been proud to wear the armband and has emerged as a truly world class player.

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