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Power Ranking Ultimate Fighter Coach Frank Mir


Frank Mir knows a lot about MMA, and he’s capable of articulating it. That fact made it crystal clear that the former heavyweight champ didn’t care at all about being a coach on The Ultimate Fighter.

Basically every interaction he had on the season can be summarized as “Yeah, whatever.”

One of your fighters lost? Rival coach Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira wants you to talk to your team about dialing back the prank war? Junie Browning is freaking out again?

Nothing, no matter how dire, seemed to pique Mir’s interest.

By the end of the season, he literally threw up his hands and stopped trying, famously sitting cageside, hand-on-chin, watching Junie Browning get submitted by Efrain Escudero.

To say it was a poor effort by Mir is giving him too much credit. It was a non-effort.

Power ranking ultimate fighter coach frank mir1 Power Ranking Ultimate Fighter Coach Frank Mir

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