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Power Ranking Ultimate Fighter Coach Dan Henderson


Dan Henderson helms one of the best MMA gyms in existence, Team Quest. It really didn’t look like it on The Ultimate Fighter, though.

He was quiet and seemed somewhat disinterested when it came to The Ultimate Fighter: United States vs. United Kingdom, and nothing went well with him in charge of Team USA. The team was fractured, feuding ceaselessly in the gym and in the house, and Henderson did little to unify or motivate them.

Granted, he had very little to work with. None of the fighters from Team USA have had a noteworthy run in the UFC. The only one that lasted longer than two fights was DaMarques Johnson, who was cut with a 4-6 record. Meanwhile, Team UK had a few members earn wins over solid fighters following the show.

That isn’t a unique position for TUF coaches, however, and Henderson ultimately failed to back up his reputation.

Power ranking ultimate fighter coach dan henderson1 Power Ranking Ultimate Fighter Coach Dan Henderson

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