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Popular Soccer WAGs: Mario Gomez’s girlfriend Silvia Meichel


Discuss finding something you want early and never letting go from it. The popular soccer wife and girlfriends.

The 26 years old striker for Bayern Munich and Germany has developed in the same relationship for nearly 8 years. Mario Gomez’s girlfriend Silvia Meichel is just 24, and straightforward math indicate the two started dating at 18 and 16 correspondingly. As you can tell through the pictures Silvia is very hot, and thinking about that they seemed to be previously a pharmacy student, it seems that she gets the entire package in brains and sweetness. Appears such as the perfect combo, no?

Now I am likely to embark on a limb and condition, regardless of the lengthy history that one does not allow it to be lower the aisle. We are all for home town, childhood love, but as sad because it is, this stuff rarely exercise. How can we justify that statement? Glad you requested. There’s not a way someone as famous as Mario are only able to be around one lady from the moment he’s 18 through his professional career. I apologize however the odds clearly claim that it is simply not happening. Yes I understand how hot Silvia is, believe me I’d die for a woman that hot, but I am also sitting here writing your blog hiding behind a pc.

Now, while it is a universal proven fact that writers pull well known trim, we are prepared to admit that first class soccer gamers are often given more possibilities. Mario is considered to be among the best gamers on the planet and also the ladies need to be throwing themselves throughout him. In the end wish Mario and Silvia best wishes, we would not be shocked to listen to of the split eventually. Best of luck for them the same.

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