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Pittsburgh Steelers Total Super Bowl Championship Wins


The Pittsburgh Steelers is among the most popular football team in USA. They’re situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They’re playing within the North Division of AFC.

Their name was Pittsburgh Pirates. They also have a baseball team with similar title. Steelers grew to become certainly one of flagship teams in league since nineteen forties. Their fan group is known as as &ldquoSteeler Nation.&rdquo Their house is &ldquoHeinz Area&rdquo in Pittsburgh. They moved this stadium after performed 31 seasons in &ldquoThree Rivers Stadium.&rdquo The number of occasions Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl Championship?

You will find 6 Super Bowl Titles of Pittsburgh Steelers. Their first championship was at 1974-75 season. Season began following a strike plus some major rule changes. Steelers finished league with .750 with 10 wins. They passed Zoysia Bills and Concord Raiders in 2010 nfl playoffs. They defeat Minnesota Vikings in finals. Score was 16-6. Final also recognized for among the most questionable moments of National football league history when Tom Mack is punished after false start and occasions brought to some procedure penalty.

Pittsburgh Steelers fans anxiously waited till 2005-06 season to determine a brand new Super Bowl Titles of Pittsburgh Steelers. Steelers won its last championship in 2008-09 season.

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