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Philadelphia 76ers Top Rookie of All Time Allen Iverson


Allen Iverson is renowned for a lot of things around NBA circles, only one factor that can not be refused is when productive he was at his rookie season using the Philadelphia 76ers.

Iverson joined the league at any given time when large males still ruled the Association, which is why he went lower because the least No. 1 pick in NBA draft history.

Size meant absolutely nothing to Iverson, though, because he published 23.5 points, 7.5 assists and shot 34.1 % from behind the arc. He might have been just 6’0&rdquo tall&mdashif you are feeling generous&mdashbut his physical type of play permitted him to accrue 4.1 rebounds and a pair of.1 steals that very same season.

Iverson’s effect on they wasn’t felt immediately, because the Sixers only won 22 games that year, but Rookie from the Year honors far more of potential gave the town of Philadelphia something to anticipate.

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