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NHL Update San Jose Sharks Raffi Torres Suspension


The NHL was not visiting have it once more.

Simply over one year after Raffi Torres was suspended for a savage appeal Chicago Blackhawks onward Marian Hossa, he was once again put on hold once more for a far lesser hit on the L.a Kings’ Jarret Stoll.

Torres was suspended for the remainder of the series Thursday, and Stoll will likely miss Game 2 in Los Angeles.

The “repeat culprit” part of the announcement appears to be the genuine explanation behind the suspension. Although the outcome was not what anyone meant, Torres did not leave his feet, nor did he intend to strike the head of Stoll.

The favorite was just playoff hockey at its finest: an abrasive hit on a defenseless player who was negligent in his awareness on the ice for merely a moment. It cost Stoll a minimum of a game away from competitors, yet left Torres without a say in the collection at all.

The Sharks grabbed the much even worse end of it, though.

Torres’ reputation as a grimy player factored in to his suspension. Even after he declared himself an altered guy on the ice, his past comes back to attack him, and it will certainly bite the Sharks also.

San Jose is now behind the eight ball in the series against the surging Kings, who are locating their stride at the correct time. L.a shut out the Sharks in Game 1 behind a stellar performance from goalkeeper Jonathan Quick, who has unexpectedly gone back to lockdown mode between the pipelines.

Torres gave the Sharks a gritty player that every opponent had to focus on when on the ice. Now without him or her, they will certainly have to look elsewhere for somebody that could use the very same extreme stress to the opposing team.

Nhl update san jose sharks raffi torres suspension1 NHL Update San Jose Sharks Raffi Torres Suspension

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