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NFL Tim Tebow News Update


Just when you thought the Aaron Hernandez tale couldn’t get any more surprising or unreasonable, Tim Tebow is available in to increase bench.

The Orlando Guard’s Iliana Limon Romero reports that Tebow once played peacemaker in between his previous Florida Gator colleague and a baby bouncer.

Per Gainesville authorities records, a quick fracas damaged out between the 17-year-old Hernandez and a bouncer that was attempting to get a small to spend for 2 beverages that he purchased.

The only continuing to be piece of information from the 2007 occurrence appears to be that policemans advised the former Florida standout be charged with a felony.

Alas, this is a tale without a concrete ending. The report mentions all adolescent documents are sealed, offering us extremely little closure to a strange cameo by Tebow in the biggest NFL story of the days.

As all of this spectacular news steadily develops into a trial, an excellent several parts of Hernandez’s past are striking the web, painting a grim picture of a guy as soon as respected by immeasurable NFL followers.

Nfl tim tebow news update1 NFL Tim Tebow News Update

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