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NBA Leaders: Who can be the field goal percentage title leader?


This can be a fun category that rewards large males that do the hard work. Like a lover of unsung, under-heralded gamers, I have to give some credit on Tyson Chandler.

While Carmelo Anthony sopped up all of the attention, Tyson was grinding towards the tune of the 68% area goal mark. I doubt he continues at this scalding pace, and you will find rivals who usually takes the area goal tossed.

Dwight Howard: Oh, it’s this person again. For individuals who criticize Dwight’s game, just realize that there are not many risks to top their email list for boards, blocks, and area goal percentage. Dwight was second in FG% last season, and can improve with the surrounding Laker talent.

Nikola Pekovic: This person plays having a lusty violence. Pek bowls would-be defenders taken care of by grunt by elbow. With Kevin Love out for some time, Nikola could easily get a lot of shots to win this.

JaVale McGee: I really like how he’s looked in Colorado. George Karl appears bent on using the “spastic” from JaVales’ game. It could cause more responsible looks.

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