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NBA Kobe Bryant Says About Dwight Howard News


Kobe Bryant has actually never been one to keep back his true feelings, and he again made his presence felt at the Los Angeles Lakers’ media day ahead of the 2013-14 period.

When inquired about his sensations relating to Dwight Howard’s departure in complimentary company throughout the offseason, Kobe didn’t let down anybody that was looking for an honest answer.

Kobe’s potential to open with the media as his career has actually advanced has actually revealed a side of the Mamba that we didn’t formerly see, and now he goes to a factor where he’s going to say exactly just how he feels regarding any certain subject.

There’s actually no mistaking a traditional Kobe quote like that.

I can’t wait for November 7 when the Lakers check out Howard in his brand-new Houston house.

Something tells me that Lakers fans would certainly like to see Kobe back in activity in time for the Lakers’ first game versus their new opponent.

Nba kobe bryant says about dwight howard news1 NBA Kobe Bryant Says About Dwight Howard News

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