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NBA Greg Oden News


The Miami Heat did not completely disregard the addition of Greg Oden.

The group’s handling companion, Micky Arison, welcomed him with a tweet.

The group’s architect, Massage Riley, placed a statement in a release.

Yet there was no pomp, scenario, press conference or even media teleconference. Oden sat down for a quick meeting with Warmth TV, but otherwise left town without much of a trace.

Which is exactly how the Heat desire it.

Oden might be a previous No. 1 general pick, however he’s just the 13th-highest-paid player on the Heat roster.

The organization managed to sign your man at such an economical price ($1 million for the very first period, with a $1.1 thousand option for the second), partially because it assured that he can pace himself.

Anticipate the Heat to continue to downplay expectations; that’s prudent.

Yet when might that big upside start to reveal? What might we see this season?

Nba greg oden news1 NBA Greg Oden News

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