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NBA Dwight Howard Reporter News


Freddie Mercury and Dwight Howard would certainly have gotten along rather well.

They’re both frank personalities, leading figures within their respective industries and men who don’t go for anything less compared to they feel they are entitled to.

Cannot you simply hear “I Want All of it” blasting in the rear of your thoughts whenever you start thinking about Dwight? Well, you certainly must be able to after seeing his moderate objectives for the 2013-14 project.

When asked by’s Jason Friedman about his personal objectives while wearing red, Howard reacted with, “I simply wish to win a champion and Protective Player of the Year and get back ahead.”.

Absolutely nothing big.

While he’s at it, why doesn’t D12 simply desire to be the diva of his band No. 1 option in the Houston Firecrackers offense instead of Brian Harden?

I don’t actually have a trouble with his desire to win a champion while making the premier protective honor that the NBA provides. It’s the last stipulation that obtains me. “Get back ahead” suggests that he was already there.

Are we talking about overall player ranks? Supremacy amongst the Organization’s best centers? Team-based prominence?

If it’s the former, LeBron James should address that declaration like it’s battle music. The second would be acceptable, and the last would be marginal blasphemous coming off the L.a Lakers’ 2012-13 campaign.

Nba dwight howard reporter news1 NBA Dwight Howard Reporter News

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