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NASCAR’s most promising new drivers today


Dale earnhardt jr . drivers Jimmie Johnson, Kevin Harvick and Brian Vickers walked lower Pit Lane for any tour from the facility’s Supercross course. They’d flown in from Atlanta with course designer Ricky Carmichael, and also the legendary motocross racer-switched-NASCAR driver was leading the audience round the grime. Compact and freckled, Carmichael could pass for somebody’s kid brother putting on Dad’s extra-large hooded sweatshirt.

Across the front-stretch fence, a large number of fans crowded for any closer peek at the heavens. Most clamored for “the champion.” However they were not mentioning to Manley, a three-time Cup champion they wanted Carmichael. Manley may as well happen to be transporting Carmichael’s bags.

In 2007, after nine many years of racing bikes like a professional, Carmichael made the decision to pursue the next in NASCAR. Amazingly, he’d won nearly two-thirds from the talkabout races he joined, including two perfect seasons. He’d stated an unparalleled 16 titles and gained the nickname GOAT (Finest Ever) from peers. Yet Carmichael never wavered in the decision to change sports.

The 31-year-old Carmichael is not the only real motocross icon shifting from two wheels to four. Travis Pastrana, who grew to become a legend in talkabout before switching to rally and starting the daredevil Television show Nitro Circus, debuts in NASCAR’s Nationwide Series this This summer at Indiana. He intends to run seven races this year.

Neither driver is driven by money. Truck series’ earnings top out around $700,000, and Nationwide drivers can earn double that quantity. But Carmichael and Pastrana both made millions on motorcycles, plus they still draw healthy income from endorsements along with other business adventures — all before they can strap right into a race vehicle.

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