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NASCAR 2012: Top 5 female drivers in racing today


Hillary Will

Hillary Will has two career NHRA wins making six final models. In 2008, she gained her first career victory, at Topeka, becoming the eleventh female to win a professional race in series history. She also gained a set of runner-up finishes and handle a job-best 4th within the Full Throttle Series points standings.

Chrissy Wallace

Racing is within Chrissy Wallace’s bloodstream: Her father Mike and uncles Rusty and Kenny each one is accomplished NASCAR drivers. She taken part both in NASCAR and ARCA this year, as well as the Camping World Truck Series and Countrywide Series. She also grew to become the very first lady to race against her father in NASCAR when both taken part within the Countrywide series race at Talladega.

Melanie Troxel

Melanie Troxel has assisted women enter a brand new competitors throughout her career. She was just the 2nd lady to win within the NHRA’s Funny Vehicle division, racing to victory just two races after Ashley Pressure Hood did. Which was in 2008, her newbie of directly competing against her husband, Tommy Manley Junior., after upgrading from Top Fuel. She’s seven career wins and 20 final-round looks.

Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick is among the most recognizable racers on the planet, because of both her achievements around the track and her ad campaigns and looks off it. After balancing as being a full-time competitor within the IZOD IndyCar Series having a ride as part-time driver within the Countrywide Series, she made the leap full-time to NASCAR this year. Patrick made her first IndyCar begin in 2005 and gained her first series victory in April 2008 in Japan, becoming the very first lady to win an IndyCar race. Now, she’ll compete within the Countrywide ranks while making her debut within the Sprint Cup Series.

Pippa Mann

Another British Pippa intends to capture the spotlight — this time around in racing. Pippa Mann of Conquest Racing grew to become the very first British lady to race within the Indiana 500 this year. Mann was fifth within the 2010 Firestone Indianapolis Lights Series inside a season by which she gained her first series win.

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