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Most Disappointed Liverpool Player in the EPL


Pepe Reina has been a constant now at the back of the Liverpool defence, guarding the goal for almost 7 years. In the last 3-4 years which have been turbulent to say in the least for Liverpool Football Club, Reina has been one of the few players to have been a constant source of confidence.

Liverpool fans have seen the defence chopped and changed, midfield ruined with departures of Mascherano and Alonso and Torres leaving, Reina has never been a source of real trouble, until now that is.

He has, since his arrival, been in the top 5 goalkeepers regularly season after season. This season has been somewhat different. Reina has seen a dip in form.

Though the spiral did not start this season. It was there last season as well, not as obvious as this season, but their were signs last season as well. The lack of goals up front managed to mask that though.

This season Reina has made 3 defensive errors according to Squawka out of which two have directly led to a goal i.e against Arsenal and Norwich.

His poor form could be related to various reasons. Two that would be important to point out are the fact that he seems to have gained weight and also a lack of a strong no.2 to challenge his position.

Another potential problem for Reina is the lack of competition at Anfield. Liverpool’s back-up goalies have never pushed Reina, and have only ever been called upon whenever Reina has been suspended. We saw something similar happen to Evra in the last season or two, where lack of a good back-up led to his dip in form as well.

Reina needs to find his good form back and has showed signs of improvement in the last one or two games. An in-form Reina is highly important to Liverpool’s defence and of course the club as a whole.

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