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MLB Terry Pendleton Shoves Chris Johnson News


Terry Pendleton made his unhappiness with Chris Johnson extremely noticeable by shoving the Braves third baseman in a bizarre dugout run-in Friday evening.

Moving headfirst or otherwise, Pendleton’s response makes certain to increase some eyebrows. It’s one thing for a player or coach to shed his mood during the game, however altercations such as this are remarkably unusual.

The Braves are presently fighting the St. Louis Cardinals for the No. 1 seed in the National Organization playoff brace, so feelings are operating high in Atlanta. Probably that additional adrenaline is exactly what pressed Pendleton over the side below.

Johnson’s slide in to initial foundation looked like a hustle play in live action, yet Pendleton didn’t see it this way. He took immediate exemption to Johnson’s failing to run completely with the bag and ensured the whole globe knew precisely how he felt concerning it.

It’s hard to claim exactly how something such as this will impact the group as it makes its playoff press, yet these aren’t emotions anybody wants to see in their dugout. It’s one thing to get after each other, but physical conflicts similar to this one aren’t often considereded as a good thing.

Once Johnson and Pendleton tell their side of the story, the scenario might be viewed in a different way, yet this is only an odd situation at this factor.

Mlb terry pendleton shoves chris johnson news1 MLB Terry Pendleton Shoves Chris Johnson News

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