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MLB Players for 2014 Paul Goldschmidt


As a hitter, Goldschmidt has improved in pretty much every way possible since he first burst into the league in 2011. He’s more patient and disciplined at the plate, resulting in him taking more walks and racking up fewer strikeouts. And while he is certainly a hitter with above-average power, he doesn’t go up to the plate looking to elevate everything. He’ll settle for line drives and ground balls, which are good for one’s BABIP. As a result, Goldschmidt can hit for average as well as drive up his OBP with walks.

Goldschmidt’s raw power is legit, and he’s had little trouble making it show up in games in 2013. His ability to spray line drives all over the field makes him a threat to end up on second base at any moment. And while he doesn’t hit as many fly balls as your typical power hitter, the fly balls he does hit tend to be hit with authority. When he’s at the plate, no part of the yard is safe from bombardment.

Goldschmidt wasn’t billed as an elite defensive first baseman when he was coming up through Arizona’s system. But his defense is another thing that’s gotten better and better, to a point where he now rates as one of the game’s best defensive first basemen. He has the athleticism to make plays away from the bag, and he’s now able to scoop throws in the dirt with the best of ‘em.

Mlb players for paul goldschmidt1 MLB Players for 2014 Paul Goldschmidt

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