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Michael Phelps Medals Would be Taken Away


Star US swimmer Michael Phelps Medals might be taken away for breaking rules of Olympics. Michael Phelps may have his 6 medals from the London 2012 Summer Olympics taken away for having participated in a commercial photo shoot.

Recently Phelps took part in a photo session for a French fashion house, reports the Echo of Moscow radio.

But olympic athletes do not have the right to participate in advertising campaigns relating to the Olympics before August 15.

The penalty is either a hefty fine or a cancellation of the medals received.

At London 2012, the swimmer extraordinaire, who is also the most decorated olympic athlete ever, won four gold and two silver medals.

As unlikely as it seems in Phelps’ moment of Olympic triumph, there may a potential case against him for violating Olympic advertising bans. Olympic Committee Rule 40 forbade participants from promoting non-Olympic products while the London games were ongoing between July 18 and August 15.

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