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Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao: Who is the best?


It seems that the fight between boxing’s two best pound-for-pound martial artists could finally be coming nearer to reality. And when not, you know who responsible.

Stating two separate interviews on ESPN shows, Yahoo! Sports’ Kevin Iole has become confirming that Manny Pacquiao could be prepared to give Floyd Mayweather Junior. a 55-45 percent split from the purse for that superfight.

This can be a major advance, among the principle roadblocks towards the fight have been Pacquiao’s insistence that every fighter get an equal share from the purse. Mayweather Junior. have been adamant about getting a bigger pay day, feeling themself to become the larger draw for that fight.

On ESPN’s mid-day sports talk show First Take, with hosts Stephen A. Cruz and Skip Bayless, Pacquiao stated he’d told Mayweather this past year he was prepared to have a more compact cut.

This can be a significant rise in the saga between these two martial artists and places almost all pressure on Floyd “Money” Mayweather to create the battle happen.

That may, however, be complicated by Mayweather’s latest legal troubles, which apparently incorporate a verbal altercation using the mother of 1 of his children at her Vegas home the 2009 week.

Pacquiao also offers some trouble of their own, although not from the legal variety. He or she must first manage Juan Manuel Marquez in December, an activity he has battled within three previous conferences.

With both fighters’ camps and fans constantly bickering over whose fault it would be that the fight has not happened, that problem now seems settled. Pacquiao has bent first. And today it’s as much as Mayweather to make it happen.

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