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Favorites for Major NFL Award: Comeback Player of the Year


The three candidates that seemed to be leading for Comeback Player of the Year after Week 2 were Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning, Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson and St. Louis Rams QB Sam Bradford.

That seemed to be confirmed from the majority of comments we received last week, but I am starting to wonder how much consideration Peterson will truly receive for the award. His injury occurred toward the end of the 2011 season and he did participate in 12 games. The very nature of Peterson’s comeback seems reason enough to be considered for the award.

But when you realize that he gained 970 yards running the ball last year, is he coming back from a poor season? Obviously not, so these issues will be up to the voters to decide and appropriately ponder.

A newcomer in this discussion is Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles. Charles had a huge game in Week 3, as he ran the ball 33 times for 233 yards and one touchdown. Charles had a 91-yard gallop against the New Orleans Saints defense that helped pad his big day. Charles had only gained 90 yards combined in his first two games, but he is now the NFL’s leading rusher.

Manning had a so-so game game Sunday against the tough Houston Texans defense. He only completed half of his pass attempts (26-of-52) and threw for two touchdowns against no interceptions. He was able to lead the Broncos to two touchdown drives against a very good Texans defense in the fourth quarter, so that has to account for something. At least he didn’t come up with multiple interceptions this week, so that is a positive as well.

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