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EPL Transfer Rumor: Top Predictions for the January Window


It may only be October, but plenty of football fans will already be looking ahead to the January 2013 transfer window.

It is early in the season, but we have some information on the clubs likely to be at the top and bottom of the league as well as which clubs are likely to spend the most money in January.

Manchester City and Chelsea Will Attempt to Buy the Best Players

We know that Manchester City and Chelsea haven’t been afraid to spend money during recent years, and both clubs improved their squads during the summer transfer window. So, it will be interesting to see how they approach the January transfer window.

Chelsea have started the season superbly, but Man City have started more slowly than they would have liked. Roberto Mancini’s side haven’t been as defensively sound as they were last season, and Chelsea might struggle if Fernando Torres picks up an injury.

Theo Walcott Will Move On

Theo Walcott’s future at Arsenal looks uncertain due to his playing less and his refusing to sign a new contract. Arsenal may decide that he is not a key player to them anymore and replace him.

Don’t be surprised to see the English player move on.

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