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Dodge challenger considered sports car


2012 Dodge Challenger

MSRP: $25,920
Average compensated: $24,310
This is actually the to begin the trio of yankee road-friendly sports cars which are driving Detroit’s muscle vehicle renaissance. The Challenger was rereleased in 2008 following a 25-year hiatus, but already maintains with rivals like the Ford (F_) Mustang and Chevrolet (GM_) Camaro. Its base V6 engine produces a remarkable 305 horsepower, nevertheless its beastly 6.4-liter hemi V8 cranks out 470 horsepower.
Despite everything energy, still it has enough room to suit a household of 4 easily having a load of groceries within the trunk. Consider that next time you snicker in a stick-figure family sticker inside a Challenger’s rear window.

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