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Chicago Bulls G Rose Injury: Rose will join soon


Chicago Bulls G Rose injury update. Derrick Rose says knee is improving. He had just seen a video clip of himself tearing the ACL in his left knee and then rehabilitating the injury. He was asked about his fans’ support and the emotions came pouring out, a stream of tears and heartfelt appreciation.

It hasn’t been the easiest time for the Chicago Bulls’ superstar. Even so, he can see the improvement.

Rose says his surgically repaired knee is getting better and that he started jumping ”a couple days ago,” another step in his recovery. He is rehabilitating five days a week in an effort to return this season after that devastating injury.

Rose spoke Thursday at an unveiling of his new shoe and apparel line for Adidas. The 35-minute session was led by a company executive, and he did not take questions about basketball from the media. But the video got to him.

Rose touched on some other subjects during the session, including the upcoming birth of his and his girlfriend’s son along with the teachers strike in Chicago. Seeing kids out in the middle of the day when they should be in school isn’t sitting well with him.

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