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Brazil’s Football World Cup 2014 News: Transparency Push Falls Short

When Brazil won the authority to host the 2014 World Cup, authorities vowed it might be the best and most transparent tournament ever which almost not a cent of citizen money could be allocated to stadiums and infrastructure.

Today, using the opening match under 2 yrs away, individuals claims look shaky.

Coordinators have setup websites in which the public can monitor construction work and cash outlays, a workout in transparency that authorities have to say is new in Brazil.

But experts say the details are frequently contradictory or outdated. The price of stadiums and public transport projects has spiraled and government bodies haven’t yet disclose your budget for key areas for example telecommunications and regulating.

Authorities boasted that monitoring investing could be “very easy that any citizen could take a seat on his sofa and find out in which the money had been spent,” stated Gil Castello Branco, the secretary general of Contas Abertas, a non-profit group that monitors public costs.

The price of stadiums and transport infrastructure for that World Cup is formally put at 27.1 billion reais ($13.3 billion), nearly half that will visit public transport. The majority of the relaxation is going to be split almost evenly between stadiums and international airports, that are in desperate necessity of upgrading.

A lot of the cash is originating from public coffers, with three different websites monitoring construction and investing. The first is run through the sports ministry, another through the Senate along with a third through the Office from the Comptroller General, or CGU. The TCU, a government agency that audits public investing, also issues periodic reviews.

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