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Best way to increase running speed for marathon


If you want to increase your running speed in marathon, you have to follow some important rules in the running. After you’ve run your first marathon, you may be thinking that you want to improve your time for your next marathon. If you’re hoping to run a faster marathon, try some of these tips:

Increase your weekly mileage.

Running more miles each week strengthens your heart and adds more capillaries to deliver more blood to your muscles, improves your leg strength, and builds your mental strength — all of which help you run faster and longer. Just be careful that you don’t increase your overall mileage by more than 10% per week. Bigger jumps in mileage can lead to overuse injuries.

Choose the right race.

This may seem like common sense, but if you want to run a faster marathon, pick a marathon that’s known for being fast. Some runners choose scenic marathons like Honolulu, and then find out that the course is not fast, either because of hills, weather or crowded conditions. Do your research and find out about the elevation on the course, typical race day weather, and whether crowds may slow you down.

Do more training at marathon pace.

Beginners tend to run their long runs at a slow pace, which makes them good at running long, slow miles. But if you’re shooting for a certain marathon time, you’ll need to focus more on your goal race pace. You definitely don’t want to run your entire long runs at marathon pace (MP), but it helps to run the last 1/3 to 1/2 of your long run at your anticipated marathon pace. Running at MP towards the end of your run is good training because you’ll be picking up the pace when your legs are already fatigued. And if you can run at your MP (or faster) in those last few miles, that’s a good indication that your goal time is realistic.

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