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Best European Football Club In The Continent


If anyone asks which is the best European football club at present ranking? The answer would be very hard to answer a particular club name as best. The landscape of European football is an ever-shifting being that is constantly in a form of metamorphosis, and the balance of power is one of the attributes that sees perhaps the most significant twists.

In any case, the biggest football teams of tomorrow may not necessarily be the same as today. Here, we’ll look at the parties that carry the biggest weight on the European stage as things stand.

The inclusion of any club will take a variety of attributes into account including recent participation in European tournaments, league performances and even notable individual fixtures or encounters.

Barcelona: Best European Football Club

No matter how drab it may begin to sound, there’s simply no denying that Barcelona are the side to beat as far as Europe is concerned.

As if it wasn’t enough to have one of, if not the most successful academy in world football, recent years have shown us that the Barça board is more than willing to splash the cash every now and then.

With their mighty Spanish contingent, La Blaugrana are looking to reclaim their Champions League title this season and one would be crazy to bet against them doing just that.

Although the best European football club may have lost the leadership of Pep Guardiola at the end of last season, Tito Vilanova looks to be a talented manager of his own and sees his side commanding the La Liga race.

What’s more, the constant flow of prodigies coming from La Masia means that Barça would appear secured to keep on producing stars, and may not budge from this position for some years to come.

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