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Best Defensive Player of the Year for NFL Major League Award


The best defensive player of the year in Major NFL award. In this space last week, we featured Green Bay Packers LB Clay Matthews. Matthews is playing in the Monday Night Football game, so we won’t know how well he did until tomorrow, since this will already be published prior to the game. We feel strongly that Matthews will be in the running for this award all year.

Instead, this week we are highlighting the great start of Houston Texans DE J.J. Watt. Watt has been a monster so far this year. Watt is second in the NFL with 5.5 sacks, trailing Matthews by 0.5 sacks.

The third player we need to talk about is Chicago Bears CB Tim Jennings. Jennings leads the NFL with four interceptions and his nine pass deflections also leads the league. What is curious about this development is that teams appear to be throwing in Jennings’ direction an awful lot for him to make a play on the ball so often.

So, is Jennings that good, or is he that bad, if you know what I mean? I am thinking that teams will start looking to throw at somebody else in the Bears secondary.

Our final candidate to mention is San Francisco LB NaVorro Bowman, another solid candidate for Defensive Player of the Year. The 49er defense stumbled a bit against the Minnesota Vikings, but that doesn’t diminish the level of Bowman’s play.

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