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Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes’ girlfriend Yolanda Cardona

Victor Valdes’ girlfriend Yolanda Cardona. Victor Valdes has attracted the interest of female fans in Barcelona for a long time now. Their excitement is frequently spurred once they discover that Valdes isn’t technically married, only to obtain their glee plummet to earth after they discover he’s inside a committed long-term relationship having a lady no guy could be prepared to stray from.

Victor Valdes and Yolanda Cardona had their relationship explode to the scene once they did an very dangerous NSFW photo shoot using the The spanish language magazine DTLux this year. The content and photo shoot caught many people unawares because Victor happens to be considered an very private person. Actually, outdoors from the photo shoot, there is not a great deal around the relationship between Victor and Yolanda.

It really appears like there exists a situation of the player who does not want his personal existence within the limelight. Victor would prefer to continue his assault on all Barcelona goalkeeper records. Yolanda is really a Columbian born model however i don’t believe we’d call her a in a major way supermodel. The pair isn’t formally been married but all accounts they’ve been together for any very long time. In ’09 Yolanda delivered boy Dylan.

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