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America’s best foreign Athletes in sports


Together with his recent announcement that his playing days with MLS’ Los Angeles Galaxy are visiting an finish, global icon David Beckham ended that which was a brave experiment released by America’s No. 1 soccer league and something of their flagship franchises. Even though the amount of success of Beckham’s Galaxy career could be debated, so can this: Is he the greatest British import within the good reputation for American sport?

The next are the greatest athletes from around the world to savor success as American imports.

Miguel Cabrera, Major league baseball

Cabrera made his MLB debut at 20 using the Florida Marlins on June 20, 2003 and grew to become the 3rd player since 1900 hitting a stroll-off homer in the first game. Broadly regarded as among the best pure players in baseball, he grew to become this year the very first player since 1967 to win the Triple Crown having a .330 batting average, 44 home runs and 139 RBI. The seven-time All-Star also won the MVP that season.

Yani Tseng, Golf

Never heard about Tsang? Or at the minimum, be aware of title but certain of how good she’s? Well, despite being not even close to a family group title within the U.S., Tseng’s game is not individually distinct. She’s the youngest golfer, man or woman, to win five majors. She’s been rated No. 1 on the planet since 2011. She already has 15 LPGA game titles. She’s near getting enough career suggests entitled to the Hall of Fame.

Roger Federer, Tennis

Roger Federer, born in Europe almost 30 years ago, is broadly regarded as the best tennis player ever. He’s 17 Grand Slam game titles to his title, a silver medal in singles in the 2012 Olympics working in london along with a gold medal in doubles in the Beijing games in 2008. Whereas many gamers are thought specialists on a single surface or any other, Federer is harmful on clay, grass and difficult courts. His career prize money tops $74 million &mdash making them the all-time leader in earnings.

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