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A-Rod MLB Career: Alex Rodriguez’s baseball career


Alex Rodriguez’s baseball career continues to be fraught with debate. Have a look back at his more questionable actions.

Emptying Your Wallet In Texas

After investing seven relatively low-profiles seasons using the Dallas Ocean adventurers, A-Rod signed like a free agent with Texas in December 2000. Rangers owner Tom Hicks gave him the biggest contract in sports &mdash $252 million over ten years. Hicks was belittled by a number of other proprietors for overflowing the salary market. The Yankees’ George Steinbrenner stated Hicks “did baseball a family member injustice.” Seven years later, In Charge signed A-Rod to his next deal &mdash ten years, $275 million. Relative, indeed.

Deal or No Deal

By 2004 the Rangers wished to get rid of A-Rod’s crippling contract. Texas and also the Red-colored Sox exercised a trade that will have sent A-Rod to Boston and Manny Ramirez towards the Rangers. A-Rod even decided to take less cash than his contract known as for, however the players’ union wouldn’t allow him to, and also the deal was squelched. Shortly after that he was shipped towards the Yankees, who can afford him.

Trot Nixon

Right fielder Trot Nixon from the Red-colored Sox designed a diving become popular a ball hit by A-Rod within the third inning of Game 5 from the 2004 ALCS. Hard feelings from the 2004 ALCS lingered into 2005 spring training when Nixon known as A-Rod a “clown” and never a “Yankee type.”


A-Rod’s relationship with Derek Jeter is complicated. Years before he became a member of the Yankees A-Rod told Esquire magazine that Jeter “never needed to lead,” which when other teams entered New You are able to, they never stated “Don’t allow Derek beat you.” Finally, as 2007 spring training opened up, A-Rod stated he and Jeter was once “like bloodstream siblings,” however it had been more a situation of “You decide to go from sleeping at somebody’s house 5 days per week and you don’t sleep over.”

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