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2013 NBA Free Agents News


Don’t wrap up those 2013-14 power positions simply yet. That would certainly be just ordinary rude to the handful of remaining freelances who could still make a distinction for NBA teams looking for just that.

Sure, there’s the unique feeling these freelances are kind of like the children left standing there after all the teams got selected in grammar school. But that’s not entirely fair. A few of these freelances have great reasons for waiting. Greg Oden, for example, has actually used this summer season to meet teams and demonstrate his preparedness to return.

That kind of patience could possibly repay large if those groups like what they see.

Front offices and training staffs will additionally invest the upcoming few weeks assessing just what they have on their lineups currently, making use of fallout from Summer season League and upcoming training camps to obtain a feel for personnel. From there, requires for professionals like Ronnie Maker or depth like Ivan Johnson become a lot more clear.

A trauma or more might affect the market also, all of a sudden making a brand-new demand for programs.

Stand by. This ain’t over yet.

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