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Popular top 10 hottest male tennis players

This year the top men’s players have been shaking their money makers in more ways than one. But who is the hottest? Take your pick from our top ten. These men are More »

Top 10 Greatest Fights in Boxing History All Time

1.Jack Dempsey vs. Luis Angel Firpo-Sept. 14, 1923 Heavyweight winner Dempsey defended their title from the “Wild Bull” of the Pampas ahead of 80,Thousand people in the Polo Grounds. Dempsey floored Firpo More »

Lionel messi vs cristiano ronaldo stats 2012 goals

Throughout the 2011-12 league campaign, Goal.com has been running a monthly Lionel Messi v Cristiano Ronaldo Head-To-Head special where we asked you to vote for the best performer each month based on More »


Best LED Monitor For Gaming PC

Most LCD displays have one flaw or another so you have to weigh what’s most important to you for gaming. For some gamers color reproduction and accuracy in an IPS display may

Greatest Football Players Of All Time Soccer

There has been much debate over the best footballers and rightly so, considering the sheer amount of players and the vastness of ‘the beautiful game’. It is astonishing how FIFA has more

Regulation high school basketball backboard dimensions

Basketball court dimensions vary in overall length and width. In many areas of the country, older high school gymnasiums in particular have smaller overall size and layout than regulation. Many of these

Basketball court dimensions college vs. nba

Pro (NBA), College, High School and Junior High School courts differ on overall size an layout, but the interior markings for the “Foul Line”, “The Key” and “The Backboard and Rim” are

Golf players championship 2012 television coverage

The first round of the 2012 The Players Championship begins on Thursday with more than a few notable first round pairings. The first groups of the day will tee off at the

Sachin tendulkar vs brian lara records

The Cover Story of the October 28th issue featured a debate as to who was the greatest batsman after Sir Don Bradman. Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara were discussed and readers’ views

Rugby building products atlanta ga

Rugby Architectural Building Products is an FSC certified, leading nationwide distributor of architectural interior building products including the following surfacing products: Wilsonart, Nevamar and Pionite brands of decorative laminate, Staron Solid Surfacing

Top 5 Greatest Boxers of All Time

The boxers on this all time list were chosen for their respective boxing records, boxing ability and talent, popularity, competition they faced, showmanship, and cultural significance in their era. The true greatest

Exclusive Top 10 Worst Moments in Boxing History

Professional Boxing is known as the “Sweet Science”, but corruption, a lack of a central governing body and the rise of MMA have threatened to end this glorious sport. Mega fights still

Top 10 greatest ufc fighters of all time

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), founded in 1993, has featured the most skilled mixed martial artists in the world for nearly 20 years. UFC originally began as an eight person tournament without